Interview with Devlin

Devlin released his highly anticipated comeback album 'The Devil In' in February 2017, so I am a little late reviewing it, but I am and have always been a big fan of Devlin, so I was excited to write this one. Read my review AND Q&A with him now. 

Interview with James vincent McMorrow

I am so excited to share with you all my Q&A I was fortunate enough to have (albeit via email) with none other than James Vincent McMorrow himself. James offered to do a Q&A for some small time bloggers and he provided an email address on his twitter, so I went away and thought about some questions and dropped him an email. To my delight, a couple of hours later he came back to me, and we had a brilliant communication back and forth. I feel really lucky and blessed that I got to have an insight into his concept behind 'True Care' but also him as a person, an artist, that I have respected and held in the highest regard since I was 15 years old.