Music Diary for November

I'm back with my monthly Music Diary, showing you guys what I'm listening to this month and why! Remember, this won't always include the 'newest' music out there right now, I have an extremely varied taste in music so it will always be old classics or new vibes, and vary from Hip Hop/ Jungle/ Garage/ Grime/ Indie etc.

Music Diary for Early October

Firstly, I apologise that I haven't posted on the blog in 9 days, it's very unlike me, I usually post 2/3 times a week. Sadly, I lost my brother almost two weeks ago, and it's been a difficult time, however I am back and ready to keep grinding. Please let me know what you would like me to review/ write about. Thank you for your patience and kind words. Its all love. As a little tribute to my brother, I want to talk about one of his favourite songs, and a song we sung together.

Music Diary for September

Read about what I'm listening to right now, from Sampha, to Linkin Park, and Ruff Sqwad ft Wiley. I have kept it nice and varied for you guys, with some new songs versus some older ones. Also hear new Sam Smith.