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Music Diary for February 2018

Music Diary for February 2018

Hey guys, I hope you had a fantastic first month of 2018. I am back with my Music Diary for February, to give you all an insight into what I am listening to! 

1) NF - My Life
After recently hearing NF 'Let You Down', I listened to more of the American rapper/ singer song writers music, including his 2017 album 'Perception' and I fell in love with three tracks, 'My Life', 'You're Special' and 'If You Want Love'. They are all fantastic but this song in particular has to have a special acknowledgement because it has been on repeat for a week straight, and I love the production on it. I find all of his music really raw and honest, always touching on things that have happened in his life, broken relationships with family members, etc. I love the lyrics in this song /I'm not embarrassed to say that we've always had issues/I'm embarrassed to say that we never took care of 'em, yeah/Pain will always find its way to the surface/No matter how deep you bury him/Growin' up, I felt like no one ever really got me, eventually
I took that out on relationships/.

2) Eminem ft Ed Sheeran - River
I always found the content and story of this song most interesting, and I am a huge Eminem fan and Ed Sheeran so I really enjoy this collaboration. I think it works a lot, and I think Ed Sheeran is really talented with what he did with the song. The video was released yesterday, on February 14th, for Valentines as the track explores failing relationships. 

3) BlocBoy JB & Drake - Look Alive
I've been vibing to this track that was released last week from Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB which features rapper Drake. It's made me go and listen to a lot more music from BlocBoy JB as well and he is dope. 

4) Rudimental ft Jess Glynne, Macklemore and Dan Caplen - These Days
I am loving this collab at the moment, the combination of Jess Glynnes voice against Dan Caplens R&B sound is perfect.

5) B Young - Jumanji
The beat to this is so wavy, produced by AntiWave, this has definitely been a track I have been vibing to this month. I love the hook to this, and always think B Young's tracks are well mixed, and smooth as. 

6) Post Malone - I Fall Apart
Old but gold! I still love this song. I think it's one of Malone's strongest songs, or maybe just my favourite of his. I love the production and beat of it, and his tone over the top. 

7) IAMDDB - More
You guys know what a huge fan I am of Manchester based artist IAMDDB, and I was so in love with her project 'Hoodrich Vol 3'. If you haven't already make sure you check it out, 'More', 'GAF' 'Conjuring' and 'Shade' are my favourites! 

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