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Music Diary for April/May/June!

Music Diary for April/May/June!

Firstly, I owe you guys an apology that I haven't posted a Music Diary post in three months, they are meant to be monthly and always have been up until now! I have been so busy with life, I did a10k run for Crisis, the homeless charity, had a holiday and my job has also been crazy busy! But I am really excited to combine all the past three months diaries as one, and give you a lengthy list of what I have been listening to! 

Ben Howard - Nica Libres At Dusk
Taken from his new album 'Noonday Dream' (which I have been waiting for FOREVER and am so excited that he is back) this track is as hauntingly beautiful as I expected. Do I have any Ben Howard fans reading this? Get in touch and let me know if you want me to review the new album! I have been fortunate enough to see Ben Howard live twice and he is truly incredible. 

Kojo Funds x Weezo x Trix Sosa x Abra Cadabra - Aint The Same
I am OBSESSED with this track at the moment, only a few days since its release but nonetheless I have had it on repeat. The production is mad and the hook is wavy from none other than man of the moment Kojo Funds. Watch the video, all in black and white, below. 

Rapman - Shiros Story Part 1&2
How could I NOT discuss this?! It feels like everywhere I turn it is being talked about. If you haven't heard of or watched both of these short films/music videos then you are in for a TREAT! If you have, then I am desperate to hear your opinions on it. Rapman is an artist that I have been aware of for about a year now, he followed me on Twitter after I wrote a Link Up tv piece about him. But more than just an artist, he is a director, a writer, actor and a creative. He made these two music videos that are more like short films, entitled Shiro's Story, and I just think they are visually beautiful and so compelling and he has now got the recognition he deserves and been signed to Island Records! Please watch both videos, below! 

N Dubz - I swear
One of their more iconic songs, this is still such a banger. I was absolutely creasing at the video though, it looks so old now! This reminds me of channel U days, when this came out I think I was year 8! 

N Dubz ft B Trouble - Love For My Slum
This is one of my favourites, as well, I love the lyrics /I come across a lot of rich kids that die to be thugs/But I don't understand them, they're very very loved/They don't wake up in the morning to see man pipin' dubs/Or have to worry about the goons with the .38 snubs
You got too much to lose, you're in a great position/How can you be hood if my whole frickin' flat is smaller than your kitchen?/. 

Not3s ft Maleek Berry - Sit Back Down
I've been playing this song most of the last month, it has so much sauce. I have always really liked Not3s vibe, to be honest! The combination of both Not3s and Maleek Berry really works! The production is smooth and it's really catchy, definitely a summer riddim for when you are driving around! 

6lack - Prblms
I don't know how I discovered this artist, it was by accident on Spotify I think, just like I did with one of my favourite duo's 'Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn' - aren't accidents brilliant sometimes?! But back to this guy - he's so wavy, he's my favourite artist the last few months. He only has one album out it seems which is entitled 'Free 6lack' and I have had it on loop the last two to three months, I particularly love this one, 'Ex Calling' and 'Luving You'. He's got such an edgy, cool vibe to him, I'd really love the chance to interview him before he blows up anymore and I miss the opportunity but that's probably pretty difficult considering where he's based (In Atlanta, in Georgia). What I loved about this song was the production (which is so tight throughout all of his tracks) and his voice just has something really addictive about it. I love the lyrics on this track '/I got real shit to stress about, girl, I ain't worried 'bout shit ('Bout shit)/Remember that I tried to build ya, now I ain't worried 'bout shit/. 
His videos are edgy and arty as his tracks, too! 

Wretch 32 - His and Hers
Taken from his most recent project FR32, this song has been another firm favourite of mine the last couple of months. It gives the perspective of both male and a female in a relationship, and it seems autobiographical, as a lot of Wretch's music does. It is a really thought provoking, honest and raw song and the video reflects this with its simplicity. Definitely give it a listen, it seems a bit slept on so far! 

One Acen - E 1 0 ft Hardy Caprio
Been vibing to this track recently, particularly a fan of the smooth production, hook and the visuals are really artistic. Watch below! 

Dappy - Oh My ft Ay Em
I am just loving Dappy's comeback, he really is here to stay and he PULLS in those views! I compare his videos to other artists and he's racking up 6/7 million views in less than a month whereas artists struggle to get that over a year. You can't deny he has SUPPORT behind him and deservedly so. I like this track, it's a really vibey, gyaldem track, but his flow on his verses are still insane. Watch the video below!

Tom Walker - Leave A Light On
I must admit, I am sure I heard this song off an advert first, but soon fell in love when I found out the name and listened to it properly. Tom Walker is an artist from Manchester that I have majourly slept on but I am hoping he is beginning to get the recognition he deserves, he has an incredible warm tone to his voice that ever so slightly reminds me of 'Passenger', if any of you have heard of him? The build up to this song and how passionately he sings is amazing. If you haven't already, make sure you give it a listen, I play it about once a day at the moment!!! 

Post Malone - Psycho ft Ty. Dolla $ign
Taken from his most recent album 'beerbongs and bentleys' this collaboration with Ty. Dolla $ign is still a certified banger, I like most things Post Malone puts out to be honest, so why does it always feel like a bit of a guilty pleasure to admit I like him? It's interesting isn't it. 

Kojo Funds ft Abra Cadabra - Dun Talkin
Okay so a bit of a throwback with this track but after recently going to Strawberries & Creem festival and seeing this performed live by both artists, I have been playing the original a lot recently. The remix is great, but I forgot how much I loved the original too. Everyone wanted to jump on this track because it's so dope. I am yet to hear a Kojo Funds track I dislike, you cannot deny that he makes absolute bangers! His work ethic is crazy, and having met Abra Cadabra and seeing how humble and lovely he was, it's nice to shout these two out as two people that are working very hard in this industry. 

Izzie Gibbs - People
Taken from his most recent ep '96Ls' which I LOVE, he released the music video to 'People', one of the tracks off of the project, two weeks ago and I love it. Izzie is more than just a rapper, he is an artist in every sense of the word and he's got his music videos looking like films. I really love this track and the video, make sure you check it out and also '96Ls' in general. My favourites are ''Felonies' 'Guilty' and 'People'. Felonies is AMAZING, Izzies flow on it is just insane. 

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