What is 'Grime' music?

This is growing to be an ongoing issue with the popularity of urban music soaring, and people so often calling genres the wrong name. It is incredibly insulting to the scene, it's essentially lazy, racial stereotyping.

SBTV's Jamal Edwards explores Mental Health in the Music Industry

CEO and founder of SBTV, Jamal Edwards, has taken a deeper look into mental health within the music industry. An online documentary has shown Jamal's insight to his own mental health struggles but also other reputable artists within the music scene. It is only 20 minutes long, it is definitely worth the watch. Read what I had to say about it here! 

When Giggs bought Drake out at Reading fest + BBK takeover

So I have to talk about this, so many people tagged me in the post about Giggs bringing Drake out at his Reading Festival set on Sunday. Drake yet again paid homage to the UK Grime scene by appearing on stage with Giggs twice in one day, once at Reading Festival and secondly, the same day, at the BBK takeover at the o2. 

The latest update with the P Money / Dot Rotten clash

After the last 'Real Talk' diss from Dot Rotten, which I touched on in my previous post underneath the 'News' section of the blog, there has been two other diss tracks, one from P Money which dropped on the 23rd of July called 'Did You Notice (Dot Rotten Diss) and also one that has dropped today from Dot 'FACTS (P Money DIss).

P Money / Dot Rotten Clash

Who did it better?

Anyone who has been following this clash at the moment will know that the history between Dot Rotten and P Money runs deep. Formerly together in the music collective group 'OG'z', they have been publicly beefing for a long time.