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Who I am listening to..

Who I am listening to..

I promise to try be more consistent with regular Rising Artists posts. I receive so many emails daily, with you all sending your music and beats, and I am getting through the backlog, slowly but surely! Thank you for your patience! 

R1 x Dukz - What I Been Through
Okay so these guys have not asked me to review their music but I want to regardless because they are dope. I have followed their music since early 2016 and I became friends with Dukz who is one of the brothers, and we built up a nice friendship, I always supported their music, and they are smashing it right now, they just got signed to a dope label and I am really proud of their growth and progression. Big up the boys for their consistency with their music, their mad work ethic and their talent.This track is a more recent one of theirs and it has a really uplifting message to it. It's a little different to some of their other songs, but I rate it highly, nonetheless. I like the production on it, it's smooth and the bars are delivered tight knit as always. I love the hook of this track, the boys always come across as humble and this song hones in on that. 

Make sure you check the guys out R1x Dukz
Instagram: @r1_official_ @dukzofficial_sheffcity

Nelson Navarro - Times Two
 So 20 year old Nelson Navarro sent me an email in January asking me to check out his music and I must say, I love his sound! He has such a relaxed hip hop vibe about him, it makes me feel nostalgic! He lives on the South Coast in Worthing and is currently studying music production at Northbrook MET and he's been making music from an early age as both his parents are musicians. Most of his tracks are self produced, as he has been producing since the age of 14, so he writes, records and mixes it all himself (How dope is that?!). Check out his social media and his music, there is a lot more to this guy than meets the eye and his work ethic is crazy!

This track 'Times Two' is such a vibe, I love the wavy, smooth production on it. It's very moody and melancholic, and I like his versatility, as other tracks he has done are a lot more upbeat. Make sure you check the video below now and follow Nelson on his social media! 

On Twitter he is @nellymakesmusic and Instagram @nelsonmakesmusic

Bundi - Bar Like Me [Produced by Davlo Music] 
This track was bought to my attention via the producer Davlo Music, who got in touch with me after following my blog for a while. I'm really pleased he did because I rate this track highly. Bundi is a rapper that has been doing bits in the scene for a long time, and he shuts it down once more in this track, fully honing in that others can't 'bar like him'. The beat on this track is mad, I love the female vocals at the beginning. I'm nostalgic for old school grime beats and Davlo music delivers that exactly. From the beginning of the track, the production builds tension. I also love how at 1.49 minutes in, Davlo uses a short sample of Rebound X  'Rhythm and Gash' which was more famously used for Skepta 'I Spy' and has been used over and over again. That wasn't the only sample, however, I also heard Lethal Bizzle's 'POW' used, too! It is such an iconic Grime beat, and the way that sample was slotted in was perfect. Bundi's flow on this is dope, and the production gives him the perfect backdrop for him to deliver his bars.

Bundi's Twitter: @IamBundi
Bundi's Instagram: bundimusic
Davlo's Twitter: @DavloMusic
Davlo's Instagram: davlomusic

Phidizz - On Job
Nottingham based rapper and singer Phidizz finished 2017 by being ranked at number 15 in BBC Introducing most played artists of the year and he does not seem to be slowing down in 2018. I have listened t a few tracks from Phidizz after being sent a request to review his music and I really enjoy his soulful, upbeat sound which has a mix of old-school and new school influences. Phidizz has also been a constant supplier of Nottingham’s Grime sound and in recent years delved into other genres like uk hiphop/afro beats. Produced by Yung Buu, to the creative visual by S. De La Haye, this is definitely one of my favourites of his. I also really enjoy the latest track 'Really' from him. His work rate is MAD! Make sure you check this out by looking at the video below now. I am predicting big things for Phidizz this year, he is definitely one of the most exciting underground artists I have listened to!

Phidizz Twitter is: @Phidizz 

Kwakzino - Journey
I was sent a lovely email from a guy named Jay who I believe manages artist Kwakz and he asked me to review this song. 
Kwakzino aka Kwakz is a UK who has been releasing music for the past 5 years, he is one part of the collective Duck Muzik, which stands for Dreams U Can Keep Muzik along with his blood brother Eerf Evil who is also an up and coming artist. They developed as artists in their local areas before deciding to take it seriously in 2013 eventually selling out a visit to the O2 Academy Islington in 2015. I've actually heard of Kwakz before on Radar Radio and Reprezent, too! 
The track 'Journey is a reflective song, inspired by the times we face in life, thinking about where you come from, the battles you have faced, the ones you may still be facing, etc. It is an inspirational song about standing up to the demons you are fighting and being positive even when things are difficult. Kwakz starts with a quick flow, but it also contrasts with the delivery of the second verse. The hook is motivational and inspiring, encouraging the listener to make the most of life, and always remain positive. Released via the popular platform P110, this song and video is definitely one I am vibing to right now, big up Kwakz for this one! Make sure you check it out below. 

Kwakzino's Instagram: Kwak_zino

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