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Review of Outsider's 'Armoury' EP

Review of Outsider's 'Armoury' EP

I am really excited to talk about Birmingham producer Outsider and his most recent EP 'Armoury' which was released under DXP's Dexplicit label. 

He previously had his debut project 'Avirex and Akademiks' premiered on Sian Anderson's 1Xtra show, and has been making consistent big moves in the industry. 

Outsider got in touch me via Instagram to request I review this EP, and upon further listening, I was really impressed by it. I am excited to be writing my first review on a producer and their project, I really believe in the talent of producers and how important they are to our industry and music scene, and believe me, Outsider is definitely one to watch. 

The 'Armoury' EP, which has been supported by the likes of Sir Spyro, Logan Sama and Grim Sickers, makes me nostalgic for the raw grime sound that every old school grime fan fell in love with during the days of Pirate Radio. This three track EP is completely reminiscent of that sound. Since the days of Pirate Radio and clashes, the scene and genre has evolved and changed, but 'Armoury' hones in on the roots of the genre and reminds us of it and allows us to fall back in love with it. 

The opening track 'Rotweiler' sets the tone of the project instantly, it is aggressive and demands for you to hear it. This grime riddim is filled with bass and percussion and instantly hooked me, and made me want to listen to the rest of the project. About 1.45 minutes in, the whole tone of the track changes, it is a constant journey of different blend of sounds.

My favourite off of 'Armoury' is definitely 'Fuel', which is the second track of the EP. It is grimey as hell, staying consistent with the 140bpm.  It gets off to such a strong start, I love the production on this one, it is so smooth. And when the vocals come in, and the beat drops, it's so dope, that I almost wouldn't want an MC to come in and spit over it because it would ruin it. It deserves someone incredible to take it on. 

The final track is 'Armoury' and you can tell why he's chosen this one to be the self-titled track. It is so powerful, he switches up the beat multiple times throughout, showing you his talent and technique. 

The tape as a whole has managed to capture the raw true essence of the genre Grime but with a modern day twist.  I can see Birmingham producer Outsider smashing 2018, and continuing to be one of the most respected artists in this field. Make sure you listen to the tape now and let me know what you think! I am predicting big things for Outsider and can't wait to see what he has coming for the year. His social media is

Instagram: outsiderofficial
Twitter: @outsidergrime

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